Getting To Know You

by ProjektZero

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Getting To Know You (2011)


released August 15, 2011

All songs were composed, all instruments were performed or sequenced, all audio was recorded and mixed, all lyrics were written and performed by Matthew Rittinghouse (ProjektZero) with the following exceptions:

Andrew Aversa (Zircon): Mixing on The Stand
Eric Ernewein (Untested Methods): Instrumental and Mixing on 331
JG Hollowell (Mithurn): Second Rhythm Guitar on Loop On
Brad Turcotte (Brad Sucks): Original composition, lyrics, and drums of Fake It.

Album art was created by Brett Houston



all rights reserved


ProjektZero Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Loop On
You stall the car out but we sit awhile
The air's still cool before June
The lot's been empty for a couple of years
But somehow it feels too soon
And I know what you're about
But there's no one to prove it to
So we sit a while and share a smile
While your favorite album loops through

And we could be here every night
While the same old songs loop on
While the world we love
(And the stars above)
Floats on and on and on...
On and on and on...

This world we're living in, it moves
So fast, I cannot catch my breath
Or rest for even just one minute
So I can keep myself moving
Track Name: Three Thirty One
3:31 AM and I'm awake
Torn between the pages of
A life I've never known
A world that I've outgrown
The fantasies and childish dreams
That substitute my sleep

I've held too long on to these things
To watch them fade away
I once believed
Everything would be okay

My friends picked up game
While I picked up games
This strategy would soon prove suspect
I'd find it hard to relate

I've held too long on to these things
To watch them fade away.
I once believed;
Everything will be okay.
Track Name: The Stand
My friends are waiting in some other lane
And time is ticking til our match begins
With turrets waiting to engage
And minions marching to defend
The Nexus that binds us to this place
A Champion reminds us to hold our pace
In the hour of our need...

I've been waiting patiently so long (So long)
Oh, I'll stand with you
If you'll stand with me

We've got enemies on the map,
But they're in the fog of war
You never know what's coming
But they're always bringing more
An undefended path, or the enemy's full wrath?
Better keep your wits about you; it's a, it's a bloodbath
Keep your neck back, they can ambush from the side
But no matter win or lose, yo, it's always a fun ride
I band my team together, and we're never gonna die
We'll forever keep our pride, we will sever any tide
Of enemies coming at us, we will never let them have us
We've kept this up so long!
Track Name: Fake It (Brad Sucks Cover)
If we can make it up, every day,
I'll have you know I've got nothing to hide
If it's the same with you,
I'll be on my way out to something I like

I can't explain the changes in my patience lately
Or decide
I can't explain the changes in my patience lately

Is it so hard to fake it?
Is it so hard to fake it?
Is it so hard to take
Your own advice?
Is it so hard?

Oh, and I've got something that you can't treat (treat)
Well, modern science says it can't be (be)
And every morning when I can't sleep (sleep)
Well, I'll be moaning that I can't breathe
And I wonder why? (Oh why?)

It's safe to say that it's the state I was found in
My heart's an idiot, my head is pounding away.

It's something that I can't fake
Oh yes, I'm so fake.
Track Name: Mannequins
I wish that I was like you
With my friends
And Hollister clothes
Cuz women are shallow
Your friends will desert you
We're all gonna die
We might as well flirt with
People whose names
We'll forget before morning
And bedsheets that smell
Like the sins we're avoiding

They won't find me,
Won't find me
No, they won't find me
Won't find me

If I am a mannequin
Then you are the clothes that I wear
Yeah, I am a mannequin
All I do is stand and stare
I am a mannequin
I am a mannequin

I wish that I was like you
Just like you
With her on my arm
And nowhere to go